Course curriculum

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    • Why Bitcoin was created

    • How Bitcoin Works

    • Hashing Demo

    • Proof if Work and Mining

    • Blockchain Demo

    • Blockchain Characteristics- Trustless

    • Blockchain Characteristics-Immutable

    • Blockchain Characteristics- Decentralized

    • Blockchain Characteristics-Transparent

    • Bitcoin Upgrades & Forks

    • Bitcoin- Taproot

    • Bitcoin- Lightning Network

    • Bitcoin - Investment Thesis

    • Three Reasons People Invest in Bitcoin

    • Valuation of Bitcoin

    • Valuation Vs. Gold

    • Bitcoin and Blockchain Quiz

Learning Objectives

This course gives the student a general understanding of blockchain and bitcoin. The student will learn the characteristics of Bitcoin and why it was created. They will also get high level of why people invest in bitcoin, valuation of Bitcoin, and the investment thesis for bitcoin. After the course the student will have high level knowledge of the bitcoin and Blockchain.

  • Why Bitcoin was created
  • How Bitcoin and blockchains work
  • Proof of work mining and Hashing
  • Characteristics of Blockchain
  • Investment Theses
  • The Upgrades to Bitcoin
  • Valuation of Bitcoin
  • Reasons why people invest in Bitcoin.

Instructional delivery method: Self Study

Recommended CPE Hours: 2

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: None

Program knowledge level: Overview

Advanced preparation: None

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