Course curriculum

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    • Why Bitcoin was created

    • How Bitcoin Works

    • Hashing Demo

    • Proof if Work and Mining

    • Blockchain Demo

    • Blockchain Characteristics- Trustless

    • Blockchain Characteristics-Immutable

    • Blockchain Characteristics- Decentralized

    • Blockchain Characteristics-Transparent

    • Bitcoin Upgrades & Forks

    • Bitcoin- Taproot

    • Bitcoin- Lightning Network

    • Bitcoin - Investment Thesis

    • Three Reasons People Invest in Bitcoin

    • Valuation of Bitcoin

    • Valuation Vs. Gold

    • Bitcoin and Blockchain Quiz

Learning Objectives

 Understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to the point that you can articulate some of the value propositions

·      Understand custody and be able to evaluate custodial options

·      Have conversations with clients and partners about how Crypto fits in a portfolio

·      Create a service offering for Crypto withing your firm, including:

o   Allocation conversations

o   Custodial options

o   Privacy conversations

o   Security conversations

o   Estate planning

Instructional delivery method: Self Study

Recommended CPE Hours: 12

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: None

Program knowledge level: Basic

Advanced preparation: None