How will DeFi and Blockchain shape Companies of the Future?

DeFi - June 21, 2021

Video Overview

Companies in the future will not be like the ones we have today. Digital assets, blockchain technology, and DeFi have changed money, finance, and technology. Soon they will change the structure of companies. In this video, we break down two ways in which DeFi will shape the companies of the future.

A decade ago, it was impossible to work from anywhere but the office, let alone from home. Now, everyone is working from home. This is a result of the times. But this is an indication of how the companies of the future will be. No more will members of the same company work in one building, or one country even.

Open-source code is providing raw materials for a new form of company creation. This is helped by open-communication channels like Discord and Telegram. Decentralized cryptocurrencies and stablecoins like Bitcoin, ETH, and DAI. Public blockchain networks like Ethereum and Binance Smartchain. Decentralized wallets like Metamask. And decentralized exchanges like Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Curve Finance.

DeFi and Blockchain

Developers no longer have to be in the same country. Or even have existing liquidity. Projects can be made over the internet. These can be shared on platforms like GitHub. Developers can contribute edits, and build the code. If productive, it can be put on a blockchain network like Ethereum. Liquidity mining can be used to fund projects. Investors give tokens to provide liquidity, in exchange for yields.

The protocol can then create tokens for utility or governance. Since the initial investors helped launch their projects, they’ll be given these tokens. If the protocol is successful, the tokens’ value will rise. This will bring in more investors, even investors with deep pockets like venture capitalists.

Another way governance for these protocols can be bettered is through DAOs which are decentralized governance protocols. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. Communities of people can come together with a common goal. This creates a DAO for governance. These people can be spread across the globe. Their decision-making is based on voting through tokens.

Companies of the future will be unlike the ones we have today. Thanks to DeFi, they will change for the better.

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