DeFi investing versus DeFi use cases | What are you using?

DeFi - April 2, 2021

Video Overview

DeFi can be used to either invest or for its use cases. These are not very different. In this video, we give our view on how DeFi works as an investment and as a used case. 

Like the internet, DeFi is a revolutionary piece of technology. The internet made two things free – communication and sending money. Communication is something we’ve seen play out with social media applications. 

Through the internet, and its free services, many companies were born. Think of Amazon, Netflix, or Airbnb. These companies leveraged the freedom to communicate and send money. Sending money was possible initially through the banking rails, until the advent of decentralized finance.

DeFi has made it possible to send money in a completely trustless and feels manner. This has unlocked the potential of a use-case which the internet unlocked as well in the late 90s. This is the ability to invest in growing assets.

Like the internet allowed us to invest in companies unlocking the power of the internet, DeFi is doing the same. Through decentralized finance, we can buy a stake in companies that are leveraging DeFi. Companies like Aave, Compound, Maple Finance, UMA,  and more.

This presents two immediate uses of DeFi – either use it for what the protocol actually is. Whether that’s lending, staking, factoring etc. Or, use it to actually invest in these assets, as people did decades ago with internet companies.

Enjoy the video!

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