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Investing - April 29, 2021

Video Overview

Cryptocurrencies offer two things in one. First, cryptos are a medium of exchange. Second, crypto is a store of value. Financial advisors and retail investors should understand these two different features. In this video, we break down how you can do several things with Bitcoin and why that’s so important.

Medium and store

Bitcoin was created to be a medium of exchange and a store of value. This is unlike any other asset class. Think about it. You can hold Bitcoin for a long time hoping it goes up in value, similar to a stock. But you can also spend your Bitcoin as a currency. Can you do this with Tesla stock or Amazon stock?

For idle Bitcoin, you can put it in a BlockFi or Gemini account and earn some interest on it. What’s more, this interest is earned in BTC, not in dollars. You can’t lock Apple stock or Microsoft stock and earn interest in the form of fractional stock.

Crypto Allocation

Allocation of cryptocurrencies is more diversified than traditional assets. From emergency funds to long-term investments, to regular assets, and more. Cryptocurrencies provide a whole range of functionalities. This is made even better by the amount of infrastructure in cold storage, exchanges, on and off-ramps, lending pools, and more.

Looking ahead to the future, the closest asset that can provide the same suite of functionalities is a central bank digital currency. But Bitcoin’s benefit is that it is scarce and decentralized. Whatever your pick is, understanding how Bitcoin and crypto providers several functions is important. And we aim to provide just that.

Enjoy the video!

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