Building DAOs | Episode 2 | Breaking into Guilds

DeFi - August 19, 2021

Video Overview

Back with another update on Building DAOs. In this week’s episode, we explain why DAOs are so great for entrepreneurs. Especially entrepreneurs with an idea and little capital. LearnDAO is a great example of this. Plus, we give an update on PlannerDAO’s breakthrough!

With DAOs work isn’t top down. There’s no central leader, or boss, who assigns work to subordinates. Everything is taken by people. Those who are good at social media, copywriting, and content strategy, head into outreach. Those conversant in finance and economics, go into the tokenomics. Capable managers go into outreach. This is the way we’re seeing LearnDAO divide itself.

Members of LearnDAO are building and executing on their own. No one is there to divide the work for anyone else.

DAOs helping entrepreneurs

This is how DAOs can help entrepreneurs. If you have an idea, gather a group of people and start working on it immediately. Rather than wait for funding or traction, DAO members work based on expected potential of the organisation, rather than its current situation.

We, at Interaxis, have handed over the CDAA designation to PlannerDAO. This means a change in registration. But the more important thing is we’re on the brink of announcing something that will truly change the financial services industry. So, stay tuned.

What we’re learning is DAOs will be how companies of the future will be structured. There’s so much more here and we’re excited to keep documenting the journey.

Enjoy the video!

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