Building DAOs | Episode 1 | Introduction to PlannerDAO and LearnDAO

DeFi - August 19, 2021

Video Overview

Since everyone is building a DAO, we thought we’d one-up everyone and build two. Yes, we’re building not one but two DAOs. One DAO is for crypto native folks and the other is for complete newcomers. And we’re at the center of it. So, we’re documenting everything that does on and brings to you “Building DAOs” a weekly series on how a DAO gets off the ground.

DAO 1: PlannerDAO

Our first DAO is called Planner DAO. It’s a DAO for financial advisors comprising of financial advisors. This is part of our Certified Digital Assets Advisor course. The members of this DAO are not familiar with crypto, and that’s the challenge. The challenge here lies in communicating to our members why building a DAO matters.

Two key facets of a DAO is creating tokens and communicating why they have value. For those unfamiliar with crypto, this is a challenge from the get-go. We’re trying to get across why advisors should devote time to building a community voluntarily in order to increase the value of a potential asset class. This involves building working groups, reaching out to fellow advisors and communicating the importance of building the community. Phew!

DAO 2: LearnDAO

Our second DAO is the Learn DAO, a community for learning about DeFi, Bitcoin, and digital assets. This is another challenge from a different perspective. The members of this DAO are crypto native, and they’re excited to get things off the ground. We started with open source forms of communication on Telegram and Discord. Now, the teams have broken up into operations, economics, and outreach and they’re doing their thing.

To be at the crossroads of two kinds of DAOs is watching a revolutionary finance and technology company emerge on the internet. This process will teach us, and so many more, how companies of the future will actually work. Will DAOs be a part of this future?

Enjoy the video!

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