Building DAOs| Ep. 3 |Functional Communities

DeFi - August 29, 2021

Video Overview

We’re learning so much so fast about two different DAOs. In this week’s DAO update, we bring to you another set of key learnings about the DAOs. In LearnDAO, we’re progressing with the tokenomics and in PlannerDAO we’re progressing with the community engagement.

This week in LearnDAO we worked on the tokenomics. We were fortunate that someone dropped in to have a chat and took us through The Token Engineering Commons or TEC. TEC is an open source project which helps create a token economy by creation and distribution of public goods. We, at LearnDAO, are building crypto education as a public good. Hence, this introduction for us was very helpful.

At PlannerDAO we’re working on communicating the importance of the community engagement. One of the ways to bring community engagement is by understanding value. We’re starting this off through our CDAA course which is now under the purview of PlannerDAO.

A DAO does not have it’s own communication channel and requires third party products and services. We use Mighty Networks for communication, Zoom for calls, Colony for voter allocation, and Gnosis for Treasury management. These are helpful for anyone starting a DAO. Pre build platforms allow a group of people to join together and immediately start a DAO. Work is outsourced to these tools.

Our biggest learning from this week is figuring out how to take a group of people and drive value out of them. This value is not top down through pressure or authority, it’s bottom up through engagement and specialized functionality.

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