Bitcoin as an Inflation Hedge – What Were Jim Cramer and Pomp Talking About?

Finance, General - September 24, 2020

Video Overview

Anthony Pompliano had legendary Hedge Fund Manager, CNBC analyst, and Mad Money star, Jim Cramer on his Pomp Podcast.

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They discussed Jim’s background, and then went into the different INFLATION HEDGES that Jim owns. Since not everyone understands inflation hedges as part of portfolios, we thought we would take the opportunity to explain.

This goes to Jim’s background and desire to educate investors about their options. Pomp and Jim also discussed Gold as one of those inflation hedges, and later, Bitcoin.

By the end, it seemed Jim was ready to seriously consider BTC as a hedge against inflation, and one that he could easily leave to his kids. We wanted to explain this as well. While this video is really long, we wanted to make sure we hit everything in this fantastic podcast.