Get Your RIA Crypto Ready

You will get to go through a process to get your firm prepared to participate in the Crypto and Digital Assets future. We’ll guide you through the technology and regulations, and help you assess your own company.

Within a few days, you will have identified the Crypto services you want to offer, clients you want to target, and partners you want to build relationships with. You will have the confidence to have the conversations with clients about their Digital Asset holdings and goals, and the knowledge to continue your research.

RIA Crypto Ready
Crypto for RIA


You will receive resources such as checklists to help guide you through the lessons, forms you can use for Crypto inventory and estate planning with clients, Risk disclosure forms. You will also have access to more research, information on some of the partners we mention, and connections to some of the products we discuss.

On-Demand Lessons

The On-Demand lessons, both whiteboard and demonstration modes, will help teach you about topics like Regulation, Risk, Allocation, and Custody. There are also lessons to teach you and all your staff about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and all the Crypto topics.


You will have the ability to engage and participate in a community that includes other firms and advisors that are interested in making Digital Assets part of their practice. You can ask questions about tools, services, protocols, etc. Members of the Interaxis will also be in the private Slack group to help and answer questions.

Exclusive Events

Members of our RIA program will be invited to our exclusive webinars and events. We will talk with industry leaders about topics such as regulation, taxes, and research related to Crypto and Digital Assets. Once you have your basis in Digital Assets, the ability to learn from those that are pushing the technology forward will prove invaluable to your differentiation.

Online Cryptocurrency Academy


In this step, you will get a better understanding of your firm as it pertains to Crypto and Digital Assets. You will look at your ADV to see what you can offer, and how you can charge, look at your insurance, clientele, and advisors to see what changes you need to make, and what services fit.


We will continue to update our lessons, and the information you receive. You can receive our newsletter, just for our academy members, which will highlight some of the news, and new technology and developments in the space.

You will go through several steps to be prepared to launch your new Digital Asset-related services.


Your firm will go through education regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain tech, other Cryptocurrencies, etc. From this you will get an understanding of the technology, custodial options, risk, and research.


You will now take what you’ve learned about your firm, as well as the technology, and start to decide on the services you want to offer. This will include the determination of whether you want to start with including client Crypto funds in your AUM calculations, or go with Project or Financial Planning fees. You will also start to put some processes in place, including many of the resources available to you through the Academy network.



Now you get to start telling clients and prospects that you are ready to talk Crypto. You can have conversations with clients about their Crypto holdings, and let them know you are able to help. Part of this process may even be webinars that we can host for your clients.

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