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Lending and Digital Assets

Lending is an essential function in any financial system. In DeFi lending works in a different manner.

Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, lenders have to account for various risks. These risks have to do with volatility, credibility, and technology.

In this section, we break down lending and borrowing with digital assets and explain how DeFi lending projects are reimaging how debt makes the world work.

Lending - How is it Different?

Lending using cryptocurrencies in decentralized finance is greatly different. From the currencies used, their volatility, to the lack of middlemen.

We start with simple lending. Like lending from one person to another. Then we move on to larger lending pools.

From lending with Bitcoin to lending with stablecoins. All sorts of digital assets can be used for leverage. The question is how do they work.



Tools of Lending and Digital Assets

This section will break down these points on lending and digital assets:

  • Insight: What are the types of digital asset lending?
  • Examples: How do DeFi lending protocols work?
  • Implementation: Is it safe to lend my cryptocurrency?

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