What is Interaxis Learn?

Crypto Education for Professionals

  • Crypto Lessons

    Learn about Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, Custody, and Regulation

  • Professional Teachers

    Taught by CFP and CPA, who are the leaders in Crypto education for the financial services industry

  • Certificate

    Receive a Certificate of Completion to show Compliance Officers and auditors

  • Continuing Education

    Eligible for 3 hours Continuing Education for CFP® and/or CPA

  • Interaxis Plus

    6-month subscription to Interaxis Plus so you can stay up-to-date with the Crypto industry

What is Interaxis Learn?


Meet the course expert

Senior Instructor

Adam Blumberg

Adam is a Certified Financial Planner, and a former Registered Investment Advisor. He co-founded Interaxis in 2019 to educate advisors and investors on digital assets and decentralized finance. His Interaxis YouTube channel is viewed by thousands across the globe. He is a regular contributor to Coindesk’s Crypto For Advisors and was featured on Bloomberg TV and Blockworks.

Course curriculum

What you'll learn in this course

  • 1


    • Why Bitcoin was created

    • Bitcoin: The Solution- Hashing

    • Bitcoin: The Solution- Mining

    • Bitcoin: The Solution- The Ledger

    • Bitcoin: The Key Points

    • Bitcoin- Investment Theses

    • Valuation of Bitcoin

    • Module Summary: Bitcoin and Blockchain

    • Bitcoin Whitepaper

    • Bitcoin and Blockchain Quiz

  • 2


    • About Ethereum

    • Why Ethereum

    • Smart Contracts

    • Composability

    • What is Gas

    • EIP 1559

    • What is a Token

    • ERC20/721

    • Types of Tokens

    • Ethereum 2.0

    • Proof of Stake

    • Sharding and Rollups

    • Layer 2 and Sidechains

    • Ethereum Module Quiz

  • 3

    Wallets and Custody

    • Private/Public Keys

    • Wallets - Part 1

    • Wallets - Part 2

    • Multi-Signature Wallets(Multi-Sig)

    • Custody

    • Transactions

  • 4


    • Crypto Account Form - Wallets

    • Crypto Account Form - Accounts

    • Crypto Estate Plan

    • Crypto Intake Form

    • Crypto Plan for Client

    • Crypto Project

Course Investment

$250 total. 3 hours of CE. Learn from certified CPAs and CFAs.

What You'll Learn

Have Conversations Around the Following

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Basics

    Learn and why and how the original Cryptocurrency works, and some of the investment theses behind its growth

  • Ethereum and DeFi

    Learn about the second largest, and possibly most important, chain, as well as the financial system built on top of it

  • Custody and Regulation

    Learn about Crypto Custody for your practice, and how to keep your clients assets safer

Continuing Education Credits

  • 3 hours of NASBA approved CPA Continuing Professional Education credits included

  • 3 hours of CFP Continuing Education credit has been granted by CFP Board

Clients Want Digital Asset Advice

They have said they will invest in this asset class if their advisor understands it. These are the clients you want, and they’re asking you to learn.

  • The average age of a Bitcoin investor is 42.

  • The average investor has at least one college degree.

  • 55% said they would be motivated if their Financial Advisor recommends it.

  • 60% of investors think Bitcoin has a place in their portfolio.

  • Millennials and GenX stand to inherit $68 trillion in the next 2 decades.

The time is now!

Are You Ready to Learn About Digital Assets and Crypto and Make it Part of Your Practice?

Learning Objectives

Understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to the point that you can articulate some of the value propositions

·      Understand custody and be able to evaluate custodial options

·      Have conversations with clients and partners about how Crypto fits in a portfolio

·      Create a service offering for Crypto withing your firm, including:

o   Allocation conversations

o   Custodial options

o   Privacy conversations

o   Security conversations

o   Estate planning

Instructional delivery method: Self Study

Recommended CPE Hours: 12

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: None

Program knowledge level: Basic

Advanced preparation: None

Additional information can be found on our FAQ Page.
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