Course Structure

6-week Cohort-based course

  • On-Demand Lessons

    Each week you will receive approximately 2 hours of on-demand video content to go over at your leisure.

  • Live Sessions

    Each week we also have a 2-hour live session in which we answer questions from the videos, news from the week, and client conversations.

  • Community

    You can join the community to chat and learn from other CDAA members, current and past.

  • Professional Instructors

    Created and taught by CFPs, and the originators of the Certified Digital Asset Advisor designation.

  • Homework

    We give you assignments, since the best way to learn Crypto is to try it.


Meet the course expert

Senior Instructor

Adam Blumberg

Adam is a Certified Financial Planner, and a former Registered Investment Advisor. He co-founded Interaxis in 2019 to educate advisors and investors on digital assets and decentralized finance. His Interaxis YouTube channel is viewed by thousands across the globe. He is a regular contributor to Coindesk’s Crypto For Advisors and was featured on Bloomberg TV and Blockworks.

Course curriculum

What you'll learn in this course

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to the Certified Digital Asset Advisor Course

    • What to Expect

    • What is the CDAA

    • Course Modules

  • 2

    Week 1

    • 1-1- Bitcoin and Blockchain_ Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

    • 1-2- Bitcoin and Blockchain_Why Bitcoin v1

    • 1-3- Bitcoin and Blockchain - Solution - Hashing

    • Hashing Demo

    • 1-5- Bitcoin and Blockchain_ Solution - Ledger

    • Blockchain Demo

    • 1-6- Bitcoin and Blockchain - Proof of Work

    • 1-7- Bitcoin and Blockchain - Bitcoin_The Full Solution v1

    • 1-12- Bitcoin and Blockchain- Key Characteristics - Trustless

    • 1-13- Bitcoin - Key Characteristics - Transparent

    • Key Characteristics - Private

    • Bitcoin Upgrades & Forks

    • Bitcoin- Lightning Network

    • Bitcoin - Taproot

    • 1-15- Bitcoin and Blockchain_Investment Thesis

    • Three Reasons People Invest in Bitcoin

    • 1-16- Bitcoin and Blockchain_Bitcoin Volatility

    • 1-17- Bitcoin and Blockchain - Module Summary

    • Bitcoin Whitepaper

    • Quiz

    • Homework - Week 1

    • Live Lesson - Week 1 Cohort 13 - 12:00 EST, Friday November 4th

  • 3

    Week 2

    • 2-1- _Ethereum_Introduction

    • 2-2- Ethereum_Why Ethereum

    • 2-3- Ethereum_Ethereum Basics

    • 2-4- Ethereum - Smart Contracts

    • 2-5- Ethereum - Ether and Gas

    • 2-6- Ethereum - Proof of Stake

    • 2-7- Ethereum - Issuance Policy

    • 2-8- Ethereum - Staking ETH

    • 2-10- Ethereum_Tokens

    • 2-12- Ethereum - ETH Investment Theses

    • 2-13- Ethereum - Summary

    • Challenge - Week 2

    • Live Lesson Week 2 - 11:00 EST, Friday November 11th

  • 4

    Week 3

    • Introduction to Custody

    • Private and Public Keys

    • Private/ Public Key Demo

    • Wallets

    • Self-Custody

    • Hard Wallets

    • Soft Wallets

    • Multi-Sig Wallets

    • Metamask and ETH Wallets

    • On-Off Ramps

    • Exchanges

    • MPC Wallets

    • Custody for Advisors

    • Transactions

    • Custody and Transactions

    • Custody Summary

    • Metamask Set up

    • Volatility

    • Derivatives Futures/Swaps

    • Quiz

    • Challenge - Week 3

    • Hardware Wallets

    • Hardware Wallet Setup Demo - Ledger Nano X

    • Live Session, Week 3. Friday, November 18th 11:00 AM EST

  • 5

    Week 4

    • DeFi Introduction

    • What is DeFi?

    • Decentralization

    • Composability

    • Protocols

    • Intro to Stablecoins

    • Collateralized Stablecoins

    • Fiat Backed Stablecoins

    • DeFi - Lending and Borrowing

    • Decentralized Exchanges

    • Liquidity Providers

    • Oracles

    • Decentralized Insurance

    • Derivatives

    • Centralized Exchange

    • Challenge - Week 4

    • Week 4 Live Session - December 2, 2022 11:00 AM EST

  • 6

    Week 5

    • Introduction to Use Cases

    • Security Tokens

    • Web 3

    • Web 3 Wallets

    • Protocol Wallet Interaction

    • Liquidity Mining

    • Non-Fungible Tokens - NFTs

    • NFT Past and Present

    • NFT Future

    • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO's)

    • DAO Use Cases

    • DAO Protocols

    • Yield Generation Intro

    • Yield Generation: Centralized Interest

    • Yield Generation: Decentralized Interest

    • Yield Generation: Staking

    • Yield Generation: Liquidity Pools

    • Airdrops

    • Other Layer 1's

    • Challenge - Week 5

    • Week 5 Live Session - December 9th, 2022 11am EST

    • Types of Tokens

  • 7

    Week 6

    • Crypto in Your Practice

    • Allocation

    • Allocation - The Numbers

    • Objections - Environment and Value

    • Objections - Hacks

    • Objections - Value

    • Objections - Criminals and Regulations

    • Custodial Platforms

    • News and Research

    • Risks-Technical

    • Risks- Market- Volatility

    • Risks-Market-Manipulation

    • Risks-Market-Regulation

    • Crypto Funds

    • Crypto Stocks

    • Crypto for Retirement

    • Compliance

    • Metrics

    • Quiz

    • Week 6 Live Session - December 16th, 2022 11:00 AM EST

  • 8


    • Crypto Account Form - Wallets

    • Crypto Account Form - Accounts

    • Crypto Estate Plan

    • Crypto Intake Form

    • Crypto Plan for Client

    • Crypto Project

Educational Investment

Know what you'll pay, upfront and uncomplicated.

  • 6 weeks of Digital Asset Education- $1,295 for full course 
  • CDAA Exam $250 

C.E. Credits

Receive Continuing Education Credits

  • 12 hours of NASBA approved CPA Continuing Professional Education credits included

  • 12 hours of CFP Continuing Education credit has been granted by CFP Board

Compliant. Profitable. Scalable.

We've gone through countless videos, courses, white papers, webinars, and books, and assembled the information you need to know to add Crypto and Digital Assets to your practice.

  • Learn

    As a Certified Digital Asset Advisor, you get to show clients and prospects you’re on the cutting edge of investment and planning options.

  • Implement

    The CDAA system will include your offerings, pricing, client conversations, custodians, allocations, reviews, and reporting system.

  • Scale

    The crypto world is expanding on a daily basis, making it difficult to stay on top of this dynamic space. As a CDAA you will be able to focus on what matters to your clients.

What advisors are saying about the CDAA

CDAA is a must for advisors!

Travis Gatzemeier, Kinetix Financial Planning

The CDAA course is a must for advisors who want to have educated conversations with clients and make digital assets a part of their practice. You will gain an understanding of both the technical and practical side through structured lessons, on-demand content, a resource library, and weekly live discussions.

I give this course my highest recommendation as an advisor

Matthew Foust, Columbia Advisory Partners

I cannot believe how taking this class has opened my eyes, and I am so incredibly thankful I am now on the cutting edge of the coming digital asset wave. Adam Blumberg has done an amazing job explaining what digital assets are, from the original Bitcoin Whitepaper to decentralized finance tokens. We actually started out on a whiteboard learning what blockchain technology is, moved through digital currency, and studied what investment vehicles we will be using as advisors in the future. All easily understood and clearly explained by Adam. I give this course my highest recommendation as an advisor, and will proudly use my CDAA certification in my business."

CDAA made be the go-to crypto person for clients

Jeremy Russell, Columbia Advisory Partners

"I have been a financial advisor for a long time and over the years have had more and more clients ask about crypto and Digital assets. I spent a significant amount of time looking for a course or certification to provide me the knowledge I need to have productive conversation with clients and the CDAA was the only one I felt comfortable trying out. I have gone from very little knowledge of the crypto world to the “go-to” person for clients, family, and friends.”

Nobody is teaching applicable digital asset education for advisors better than Adam

Treyton DeVore, AllStreet Wealth

Nobody is teaching applicable digital asset education for advisors better than Adam. His experience as an advisor and knowledge around digital assets gives him a unique perspective, and an advantage compared to other educators. This course is a MUST for any advisor wanting to learn how to build crypto offerings into their practice and even if you never plan to advise on it, the information and perspectives you’ll gain far outweigh the cost. Being educated around digital assets isn’t a “good to know” thing anymore, it’s part of our fiduciary responsibility.

The CDAA builds a baseline for cryptocurrencies and blockchain

Andrew Zaro, Granite Wealth Management

I enrolled the CDAA course in order to build a foundational baseline for myself on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It was easily accomplishable inside my work week. I did not feel I had to give less than desired attention to either my clients or RIA. The CDAA cemented the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency which facilitate one’s ability to further explore cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It established a great framework on client interaction: education, advisement, management - which is the perfect approach for me in enveloping crypto conversations into my practice over time. Currently, I only educate my clients, though intend to add crypto advisory services when the time is appropriate down the line.

Clients Want Digital Asset Advice

They have said they will invest in this asset class if their advisor understands it. These are the clients you want, and they’re asking you to learn.

  • The average age of a Bitcoin investor is 42.

  • The average investor has at least one college degree.

  • 55% said they would be motivated if their Financial Advisor recommends it.

  • 60% of investors think Bitcoin has a place n their portfolio.

  • Millennials and GenX stand to inherit $68 trillion in the next 2 decades.

The time is now!

Are You Ready to Learn About Digital Assets and Crypto and Make it Part of Your Practice?

Learning Objectives

Understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to the point that you can articulate some of the value propositions

·      Understand custody and be able to evaluate custodial options

·      Have conversations with clients and partners about how Crypto fits in a portfolio

·      Create a service offering for Crypto withing your firm, including:

o   Allocation conversations

o   Custodial options

o   Privacy conversations

o   Security conversations

o   Estate planning

Instructional delivery method: Self Study

Recommended CPE Hours: 12

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: None

Program knowledge level: Basic

Advanced preparation: None

Additional information can be found on our FAQ Page.
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